Thursday, February 26, 2009

High Tunnel Workshop March 12

Attend a day-long high tunnel workshop at the Missouri State - Mountain Grove Campus on Thursday, March 12.

Dr. Ted Carey of Kansas State University studies season extension using high tunnels research and production. He will present high tunnel basics as well as research results from his work at the Kansas State Horticulture Research and Extension Center at Olathe. Other excellent speakers will address the various crops produced in high tunnels.

Many growers use high tunnels to extend the production season for many different horticultural crops – vegetables, cut flowers and even fruit. High tunnels are solar-heated structures, like a giant cold frame, used to extend the traditional growing season at both ends – allowing for earlier plant growth in the spring and later plant growth into fall. Typically, no electricity is used in high tunnels to operate fans, vents, heater, etc. Manual ventilation is instead provided through roll-up sidewalls or through the end walls. Other typical components of high tunnels are that they are irrigated via drip irrigation system and crops are grown in the soil that is under the tunnel cover.

Cost for the workshop is $20 which includes lunch and handouts. PLEASE SEND IN REGISTRATION ASAP TO ASSURE LUNCH AND SEATING.

Get the registration form online or contact Pamela Mayer - via email or by phone at 417-547-7533.

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