Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Farmers’ Market of the Year Awards

AgriMissouri proudly supports the efforts of Missouri's farmers' markets across the state. Our Missouri markets provide consumers with wholesome, fresh, local products and provide farmers with a way to increase their farm revenues. The Farmers' Market of the Year Awards honor those markets who go above and beyond to make their market an education and entertaining experience for consumers. The Market of the Year will receive $1,000 cash prize, as well as a banner and consumer refrigerator magnets. The Missouri Farmers’ Market Association and AgriMissouri sponsor the annual Farmers’ Market of the Year competition.

Congratulations to the winning markets from the Missouri Department of Agriculture, AgriMissouri and the Missouri Farmers’ Market Association. Awards will be mailed to the winners and press releases for each winner will be distributed in late March.

2009 Market of the Year Awards
Market of the Year
1.) Webb City Farmers’ Market (PHOTO: From the Webb City Farmers' Market)
2.) Fair Grove Farmers’ Market
3.) Columbia Farmers’ Market

Fun Awards
Best Advertising Campaign
City Market

Best Event
Fair Grove Farmers’ Market “Growing Kids Club”

Best Motto/Catch Phrase
City Market “Where the Locals Go”

Best Photo
Webb City Farmers’ Market

Best Marketing Idea
Fair Grove Farmers’ Market (Market DVD)

Champions of the Year
1.) Dan & Melinda Hemmelgarn (Columbia Farmers’ Market: Organizing and Structuring the Market Pavilion Calendars)
2.) Donna Kranjec (Madison County Farmers’ Market: Volunteer Market Organizer and Supporter)

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