Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Using Your Resources

The U.S. food supply started with farmers’ markets so farmers could sell their produce directly to consumers, but our food supply became increasingly industrialized. Therefore, farmers’ markets were replaced by supermarkets, but in the past couple of decades markets have regained strength and are emerging once again.

(Photo: Marketer at the Columbia Farmers' Market on July 16.)

It is a very exciting time is U.S. agriculture to see the structure of the 2007 Farm Bill and what opportunities might exists for farmers’ markets, nutritional programs, conservation efforts and organics.

With this renewed interest in farmers’ markets it is vital that marketers know how to structure a successful market and market themselves (the farmers) to their customers.

There is a wealth of information available online (many links you can find on this blog) or with other resources such as the USDA, NAFDMA, the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture, Missouri Farmers’ Market Association and many other resources.

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