Thursday, May 21, 2009

St. Louis Gateway Greening

I got a chance this Tuesday to go to St. Louis and meet Mara Higdon and Annie Mayrose for a tour of Gateway Greening. Gateway Greening is a community garden organization which promotes urban neighborhood vitality and stability, healthy living and quality of life through community food projects, education and wellness programs, and civic greening. They are working with aproximately 180 gardens, in addition to dozens of schools in St. Louis to improve the appearance of neighborhoods, inspire and educate gardeners.

They also started City Seeds, an urban farming project, whose mission is to foster self-sufficiency in addicted and chronically mentally ill homeless; increase production and distribution of locally grown fresh food for low-income residents, and provide nutrition and food preparation/preservation programs. Much of the produce is sold at Tower Grove Farmers' Market, North City Farmers' Market, and Maplewood Farmers' Market.

Go to their website to find out more, get involved, and volunteer.

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