Thursday, September 25, 2008

City Market Receives Grant

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer today announced 85 grants totaling $3,445,000 directed by the new farm bill to spread the use of farmers markets. Eighteen of the 85 grants promote a new electronic benefit transfers (EBT) to help low-income consumers buy locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The Missouri Department of Agriculture still has wireless EBT and debit machines available for Missouri markets and producers, please contact me for further information.

The City Market was fortunate enough to be one of the states to receive a grant of $59,500 from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

“Farmers markets are an increasingly popular source of fruits and vegetables,” said Schafer. “Locally grown and locally known sales of fresh produce strengthen the connection between farmers and the community.”

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service helps increase domestic consumption of agricultural commodities and improve farmers’ income. The grants are authorized under the amended Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act of 1976.

Regional local governments, nonprofit and economic development corporations, agricultural cooperatives and tribal governments in 43 states may use the money to establish, expand and promote farmers markets and other direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities. View the entire list of grantees.
Congrats again to the City Market!

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