Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Agri-Tourism In Missouri

Working at the MDA keeps me on my toes. No day is typical – nor would I want it to be. I talk to many producers on the phone everyday and I enjoy hearing how they have become blog readers because of this blog. Many producers check the blog to see where my last trip was, maybe to an orchard, a farmers’ market, to a trade show, or maybe a presentation to a community.

(PHOTO: Kirksville Chamber of Commerce Office at presentation.)

Yesterday, the job took me to Kirksville for a presentation about Agri-Tourism in Missouri. I spoke with a very diverse group that included a MU extension agent, Agri-tourism producers, Truman State University professors, members of the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce, State Representative, farmers’ market representatives and some folks that were on the local tourism board.

The group was looking for education of exactly what Agri-Tourism is, how to get started, what to expect and what the future holds for this industry. During the presentation, the group posed some great questions and we ended the day with a great discussion.

If your community or organization would like more information about developing Agri-Tourism in your local area contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture and ask for myself or Sarah Gehring at 573-751-4339. The MDA will be holding a Missouri Agri-Tourism Conference in January 2009...check the blog and the AgriMissouri site for upcoming information.

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