Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fresh Produce at the Cole County Farmers' Market

Farmers' market season is in full swing at the John HolmanCole County Farmers' Market in the heart of the state--Jefferson City. The market has a really great location right on Missouri Boulevard, and you could tell that by the large crowds and lines of all ages that gathered before the whistle even blew! Lane and I stopped by to visit with the vendors yesterday as they were selling their local products.
(PHOTO: John Holman, Market Master for the Cole County Farmers’ Market ringing up a sale to a young customer to the market.)

The Cole County Farmers' Market has not a just little bit, but a lot of every kind of produce! Peaches are starting to trickle in at markets around the state, and a vendor from Fayette had those to offer to customers. A whole truck load of Lowell Mohler's home grown sweet corn sold out in 17 minutes last week, and lines continue to form every time he sells at the market. Baked breads and beautiful hanging baskets of flowers are available at the Cole County Farmers' Market. There are tomatoes for sale from many vendors, fresh zucchinni, squash, potatoes, green beans, the last of the season's cabbage, and much more.

You will be impressed if you stop and visit the Cole County Farmers' Market. With friendly faces, fresh produce, and lots of fun, what could be better?

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