Thursday, June 5, 2008

Osage County Agritourism Council Tour

Today Katie Bellers, AgriMissouri intern, and I spent the day touring Osage County on the 'Be a Tourist in Your Own County' Tour put together by the Osage County Agritourism Council. This type of tour is something that any community could put together and should think about doing to promote their community, county or area.

F&S Wieberg Farm

Here's a brief description of today's format.
Osage County has many historical and beautiful churches so the day started with a tour of the St. Aloysius Catholic Church, followed by a tour of the Quaker Window Plant. Quaker employs over 400 people from Osage and surrounding counties. Lunch was then provided by the Bank of Freeburg.

Holy Family Church

The afternoon highlighted F & S Wieberg Farm near Freeburg. This is a diversified crop and livestock farm. They are great stewards of the land, practicing rotational grazing and have adding several water sources using methods promoted by their local Soil & Water Conservation District. Wieberg's are just beginning to dip their toes in direct marketing their beef and pork. The day was rounded out with a tour of the Holy Family Church in Freeburg.

You are probably wondering, what does this have to do with farmers' markets? Good question and I'm just getting to that. This type of format could easily include a one hour stop at the local farmers' market or maybe even lunch at the market. Organize a couple of vendors to talk to the group about their growing practices and the market, then let the tour visitors shop at the market. I see this type of tour format as a great way to promote the multitude of opportunities in a local community or county.

Katie took pictures today but we haven't gotten them downloaded yet. I'll post a few of those here tomorrow. If anyone is interested in learning more about the tour format, feel free to email me.


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