Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Push for Specialty Crops in Missouri

I’m very fortunate to have some friends that work in the media, which really pays off when that time comes to promote the farmers and the areas of my job.

My friend Tyne Morgan recently conducted a tv interview with me about the Missouri Specialty Crop Project that the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture is conducting currently to increase the competiveness of specialty crops in our state. The tv segment Tyne put together aired four times on KOMU and was very well put together, as she also interview some of the FFA students that are participating in the grant project and selling products at their local farmers’ markets.

Here is the web article that Tyne wrote about the project:

Push for Specialty Crops
Many consumers continue to be attracted to farmers' markets because of the chance to buy local, fresh produce.

Now, the Missouri Department of Agriculture is trying to attract a younger generation to the other side of the table. Fresh onion, radishes and lettuce are all signs you're at a local farmers' market, but looking around, you may notice there's not a lot of young vendors.

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