Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farmers' Markets Rise To the Top

Radishes from a Farmers' MarketFarmers' markets provide something unique to consumers: the knowledge of the true home of the food and every aspect of that. The community connection of food and consumer is becoming more and more valued in today's society. This article from the Evening News and the Tribune explains the numerous reasons why farmers' markets have become so attractive to consumers in the last few years.

Soaring grocery prices make farmers markets more appealing to some

Trisha Tull can give about a million reasons why you should shop at a farmers market, and why she does as well. Freshness, taste, travel time, cost and community are only a few.

“I love knowing the people who grow my food. I love knowing the food is locally grown and didn’t travel 1,500 miles to get here. I love eating by season starting with asparagus in the spring and ending with winter squash in the fall,” Tull said. “It’s the way life should be — you should be connected to your food.”

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