Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Week's Almost Over

Where do the weeks go? This week has seemed to fly by, which I see as a good thing usually, but not when there’s so much to complete.

I started the week on Monday traveling to a Rolla Farmers’ Market Workshop that MU Extension organized. There were lots of familiar faces at the workshop, as some of the vendors that attended the workshop where some of the first folks I met when I started at the department last year. After the workshop I drove up to Columbia to attend the Boone County Farmers’ Market Annual Meeting. I gave an update on state farmers’ market activities and promotions and plans for 2008.

The middle of the week has been spent working on a logo for the farmers’ market canvas tote bags, getting plans set for the All Things Organic Show in Chicago and the SARE Conference in Kansas City, making many updates to the Missouri Farmers’ Market Directory Site and providing five different communities with the resources and information to start a new farmers’ market in their communities.

I will be out of the office tomorrow, as I will be attending the Women in Agriculture Conference in Marshall. Topics that will be covered include: Farm and Rural Profitability: The Bottom Line for Rural America Farm Profits, Farm Programs and Agri-Tourism.

(PHOTO: Rolla Downtown Farmers' Market June 2007.)

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