Thursday, February 28, 2008

Successful Springfield Workshop

Just back in town from the Springfield Farmers’ Market Workshop and I’m more excited than ever to be apart of the specialty crop/farmers’ market industry in the state of Missouri.

Driving down to Springfield for the workshop I knew that the group would be big and motivated, but I was still surprised. There were over 65 participants at the Springfield workshop today and I saw many familiar faces from my travels this part summer to the markets and met with many new farmers.

The workshops have been very well attended and appreciated by participants. After each workshop the participants fill out an evaluation form that helps me determine new topics for future workshops and if the material presented at the workshop was beneficial to the participants.

I couldn’t wait to get home tonight and read the evaluation forms and as I read through the forms tonight a smile came across my face. I read through the wonderful comments everyone took the time to include on the evaluations and am very happy to know that we are doing the job for our farmers’ market vendors.

Also from the comments I have determined that we need workshops next year on salesmanship skills including how to build relationships with consumers, presenting your produce in an eye-appealing matter (with photos and visual set-ups) and how to promote yourself as a market vendor.

Thanks Springfield Farmers’ Markets for a great workshop!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday was our first Farmers' Market Workshop and experience. Were we ever impressed! It was very evidident that Lane feels strongly about what she is promoting as do the market masters. Everyone in the group was so friendly and more than happy to share their experiences and ideas to help others get involved. Thanks again for a great day! Queen Family Farms

Anonymous said...

I agree. We are very fortunate to have someone of Lane's energy and expertise working with our markets.

And networking with other markets and famers is always of benefit. Who knew I'd leave the workshop with the name of a new musician to play at my market?

Eileen Nichols