Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Missouri Organic Association Goes InterACTIVE

The Missouri Organic Association (MOA), in cooperation with the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture and the University of Missouri Extension is working on promoting Missouri organic products and educating consumers about the organic industry through online media.

Through a North Central Risk Management – Organic Marketing for Producers Grant the organization’s website has been re-designed and a buyer’s guide has been developed for the site that will enable viewers to search for organic products in their area by farm and county. In addition, the MOA website will include a blog with weekly organic podcasts produced Brownfield, Ag News for America.

The podcasts will consist of a multiple of topics including: certified organic and how to decipher organic labels, nutritional benefits of organic fruits and vegetables, concerns about pesticide residue for children, nutritional benefits of organic dairy products, risks of antibiotic resistance, pesticide residue in and on food, pesticide residue in the watershed, interpreting labels, nutritional benefits of organic meats and where can you find organic foods.

Organic producers interested in including their operation and organic products on the Missouri Organic Online Buyer’s Guide will be asked to submit the following information:
Producer name, contact person
Address (including county)
Email, phone, fax, website info (if applicable)
Year certified (if certified), and certifying agency
Total acreage & organic acreage
A list of organic products produced for sale

Produces can submit their information by mail to: Kathy Burney-Miller, 229 Riverbluff Drive #209, St. Charles, Missouri 63301 or via email

The Missouri Organic Association website, buyer’s guide and podcasts can be accessed online.

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