Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 1: Blogging from Baltimore

Arrived in Baltimore...and I've already ran into another farmers' market stakeholder that is attending the USDA Farmers' Market Summit.

I met Sharon Yeago, Treasurer of the Farmers' Market Coalition on the way from the airport to the hotel in Baltimore.

Sharon is the immediate past Chairman of the Board for the Florida Association of Community Farmers Markets, and is currently directing their Buy Local Florida grant program. Sharon developed this program and it is successfully bringing more small farmers to market, creating new community markets, and educating market managers on working with small farmers, value added products and best management practices. Sharon has been a community farmers market manager for the past 7 years and currently manages the High Springs Farmers Market. She also manages the High Springs Food Security Project, a grant funded program sponsored by the Project for Public Spaces and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Prior to joining the agricultural community, Sharon developed extensive experience in the nonprofit world through her work with cultural and music programming.

The summit kicks off tonight...check back tomorrow for news and events from Baltimore.


Aaron Brazell said...

Welcome to Baltimore! :)

Sharon said...

Hi there Missouri! Love meeting Lane.. boy are you folks lucky to have her! I write this as I sit in the Baltimore airport after the most fantastic first-ever Farmers Market Summit. Met Lane on the way into Baltimore and had the chance to visit with her many times during the summit and rode back to the airport with her.

She's a wonderful asset to your Dept of Ag and was very involved in the issues and activities of the summit. She's coming back to you filled with great contacts and ideas to share!

Best wishes, Sharon Yeago from sunny Florida!

Missouri Department of Agriculture said...

Sharon was a pleasure meeting you as well and I hope to become a member of the FMC soon.

The FM summit gave me so many ideas to share with our markets across Missouri to better the industry and provide our market vendors with valuable information.

Thanks so much for introducing me to the FMC officers and letting me attend dinner with you all.

Thanks again!!!