Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Parkville Farmers' Market

The Parkville Farmers’ Market has one of the scenic locations of many of the markets I’ve visited this summer. The market is right off of Hwy 9 by the English Landing Park under a very nice pavilion. With over 30 vendors this market is working hard to provide the Parkville community with the best of fresh produce.

I’ve made two trips to Parkville, my first was to speak to the market vendors about possible promotional activities they could incorporate to get more people to come to the market and my second visit was to see the market in action. My first visit to the city was an impressive one- beauty of limestone carved bluffs, wooded vistas, and the Missouri River provide an enchanting backdrop for Parkville.

There’s something for everybody at the market. A great choice for locally grown juicy fruits, crispy healthy vegetables, tempting home baked goods, wonderful jellies and jams, flowers, quality meat, and so much more. It’s a FUN experience for the whole family!Visit often to enjoy the variety of seasonal offerings through-out the growing seasons!

The market is open Saturdays 7:00 am to sold out and Wednesdays, (starting June 20), 2:00 pm to sold out. Contact Ida Lake for additional info 816-450-8810, 816-769-7921.


Anonymous said...

Are there any requirements to be a vendor? I have pounds and pounds of morels that i would like to sell but im not sure if there are prerequisites to be a vendor in parkville, or do you just show up to sell them?

Lane McConnell said...

Requirments are that you live near the Parkville area. You would need to contact the Parkville Market Manager about getting you set-up to sell.

Anonymous said...

HI Lane, Dana here with a question for you. The farmer's market in Briarcliff has two sets of Amish vendors selling fresh produce and baked goods. Does Parkville likewise, I wonder? Thank you very much!