Friday, July 13, 2007

Marketing Your Market

Farmers’ markets are a viable, direct marketing activity that provide ample variety, fresh quality, and reasonably priced farm-raised commodities to consumers of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Shopping at a farmers’ market is a delight for the senses—the medley of smells, tastes, textures, and colors creates a memorable experience that consumers enjoy returning to. However, if the market is to be used profitably and efficiently, community leaders, policy-makers, consumers, and producer-marketers must work together in establishing and operating the community farmers’ market.

The Kansas Rural Center has a very insightful resource guide called Marketing Your Market which covers the following topics:

Coming Together:
How can the market, vendors, media, local business and the community collaborate to create a thriving, vibrant marketplace each week?

Maximize Your Business: What factors draw shoppers in and which can send them running?

Focus on the Market Experience:
Are you doing all you can to make your market a welcoming, lively and convenient place to shop?

Getting the Word Out: What are the best methods to get the buzz going about your market?

Market Newsletters Paper or E-mail: which is right for your market and what do shoppers want you to include?

Connecting with Your Community: Much can be gained through partnerships with your community. What might work for your market?

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