Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Newman Farm Agri-Culinary Tour

On Saturday, June 13th, Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork will be hosting the annual Newman Farm University Agri-Culinary Tour, an open house tour and a Gate-to-Plate dinner featuring swine and wine.

Experience a one-day Agri-Culinary tour of Newman Farm in the scenic Ozarks of Southern Missouri, where modern farming techniques meet traditional production methods. Newman Farms’ “University” will give you insight into the uniqueness of Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork, by allowing you to experience first hand why the farm is different.

A meat cutting demonstration will be conducted and the experience culminates in a "Gate-to-Plate" dinner featuring Berkshire pork from Newman Farm. The sessions welcome and encourage open discussion among food lovers and chefs about what they think a quality pork product should be.

For more information about attending the event or to interview representatives from Newman Farm or HFAC, please contact me at 646-277-7110 or katrina@gita-group.com.

View the list of chefs attending.

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