Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From Farm to Fork - Why you should be eating local!

Advocates of “buy local” programs often emphasize its positive effects on the local economy by “planting your dollars at home.” Just as important as its economical benefits are its health benefit!

Buying local foods, such as items from your hometown farmers’ market, can have a huge payback on the health of you and your family. Research has shown that the average household dinner consists of foods that have been shipped over 1,500 miles! What does this mean for your family? Foods that have been transported long distances are often full of preservatives to increase the shelf life of the item while decreasing its nutritional value.

When shopping at a local farmers’ market for dinner items you’ll know that your produce was vine ripened, and usually picked less than 24 hours ago, giving it great taste and long term health benefits! Buying local also allows for you to add variety to your meal with produce that is not often found in large grocery stores such as heirloom tomatoes or other unique items. Fruits and vegetables purchased from a local vendor gives you the opportunity to ask key questions about where you food came from and how it was raised.

Knowledge really is power when it comes to your family’s dinner menu. Understanding the who’s and how’s of your food production gives you the ability to make healthy decisions for the people around you!

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