Friday, June 26, 2009

Farmers’ Markets Accepting EBT

Several Farmers’ Markets around the state of Missouri are now equipped with EBT Machines. The EBT Machines are making it more accessible for Food Stamp recipients to purchase fresh and affordable locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cardholder must take the card to the market information table or look for vendors that have signs that read: We take EBT here. When the consumer goes to the information table the market master or another person in charge will ask them how much they want to spend. Their card will then be swiped and they will receive tokens for the amount they charged. Each token normally will represent either $1 or $5.

If tokens are used at the farmers market the vendors will need to meet with the market master at the end of the market day to turn in their tokens. Usually the vendors will receive a check the next week for the amount they sold to EBT users.

EBT cards/tokens can be spent on any food item except hot and prepared foods. It can also be spent on edible plants like herbs or plants that produce food like tomatoes.

The government does not allow the vendors to give change for EBT tokens. If a purchase requires change, the customer can pay the whole dollars in tokens and the change in cash or they can pay the full amount in tokens and give up the change.

Recently a television station located in Springfield, MO covered a story about EBT cards being accepted at the Fair Grove Farmers Market. To read the article, go to KY3’s website.

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