Monday, June 22, 2009

Ellisville Farmers’ Market Opens

On Thursday June 11th, intern Jana Haley visited the Ellisville Farmers’ Market, located on the outskirts of St. Louis. The market is located in the Fountain Plaza in the side parking lot of Straubs, a local grocery store. The market is open every Thursday from 4pm-7pm during the months of May-September.

This is the first year for the Ellisville Farmers’ Market and they are doing extremely well. The market has about twenty vendors each week. The vendors provide a diverse set of products including fresh produce, buffalo meat, fresh breads, wine, bedding plants, jewelry, and much more. While at the market I immediately noticed how popular it was especially because it was only the third week the market has been open. The city of Ellisville and Straubs have both been really supportive of the market.

Ellisville Farmers’ Market is mainly sponsored by Straubs. The grocery store is helping advertise the market with their weekly store advertisements. The store not only provides a place for the market but also all of the pop-up tents, the tables, and the table cloths. When I asked the market manager, Gretchen Morfogen, about the partnership she told me that surprisingly the store’s sales have increased some during the market. She also said that the amount of produce bought dips a little when the market is going on but all the other products in the store have seen a slight increase in sales. Gretchen believes people come out to the market and then decide to go ahead and finish their grocery shopping on the same night.

The farmers’ market in Ellisville is doing a wonderful job of attracting consumers to come for a visit. Each week the market includes cooking demonstrations by Chef Cary McDowell. There is also a children’s market that includes fun activities, snacks, and even educational information about where their food comes from.

The Ellisville Farmers’ Market is very exciting place to shop. To learn more about the market visit their website.

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