Monday, July 28, 2008

Missouri's Sweet Corn

Lowell MohlerSweet corn is an integral part of farmers' markets in Missouri. At certain farmers' markets, people will line up before a market even opens just to get some of the best sweet corn from their favorite producer. This is the case with Lowell Mohler, a farmer from the Jefferson City area. Lowell has been known for his delicious truckloads of sweet corn, and he is truly passionate about what he does. This article from Brownfield features Lowell in a video as he talks about his sweet corn.

Sweet Corn Harvest

For nearly everyone on the Brownfield team, our love of agriculture and involvement in it reaches beyond what we do as members of this team. Take for instance Julie Harker. It was a typical, hot Saturday in July when her family headed out to Lowell and JoAnn Mohler’s farm to pick sweet corn. It is an annual event and part of the Grace Episcopal Youth Group fundraiser. They pick corn donated by Lowell and JoAnn and sell it the next day at church.

Former Brownfielder Lane McConnell who now works at Missouri Department of Agriculture made sure the youth had AgriMissouri bags for proper packaging.

Lowell Mohler is a former Missouri Department of Ag Director and Missouri Conservation Commissioner. He is happy with his sweet corn crop and Julie couldn't resist videotaping him as he talked about it. (The youth group picked 8 rows of the regular sweet corn. They did not pick the Bt corn Lowell talks about in the video.)

View the video here.

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