Monday, June 9, 2008

Study: Farmers' Markets Offer Lowest Prices

Farmers' markets seem to be a bargain all the way around--from fresh, local produce to low prices. A study done by Seattle University found that farmers' markets truly do showcase healthy produce with the best bang for your buck.

Study: Farmers' Markets Offer Lowest Prices

A new local study shows outdoors farmers' markets have the lowest prices for organic produce.

There are nearly a dozen farmers markets in Seattle. At the Magnolia farmers market, the produce is fresh - just delivered from the farmer.

"I came from Monroe and I cut this this morning, and it's organic, you know where it came from, you know who you're dealing with," said vendor Chris Vaughn, of Willie Greens Farm.

Some assume contact with the farmer might be expensive, but buying directly can cost you less.

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