Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fahrmeier Field Day Makes a Big Hit!

Fahrmeier FarmsYesterday in Lexington, Missouri, more than 70 producers and other agriculturists interested in expanding their knowledge of new farming techniques gathered at Fahrmeier Farms. Fahrmeier Farms is a family farm focused on specialty crop production using progressive agricultural technologies.

Fahrmeier Farms hosted a farm field day to promote specialty crops and provide education to producers. The Fahrmeiers have been expanding their operation in the last few years, and the field day featured some of their new growth including the use of HayGrove high tunnels for two acres of vegetables on their farm.

Brandon Fahrmeier, who helps with the family operation said, "We find it beneficial to share knowledge as well as learn from other growers. High tunnels have changed our business and made us better growers, making it easier to grow high quality products."

In the morning, Bob Perry from
Perry Agricultural Lab shared with the field day participants the importance of soil care to a specialty crop operation, and then Robin Franks from Netafilm Irrigation spoke about how irrigation and water sources affect farming.

After a complimentary lunch, Missouri Director of Agriculture, Katie J. Smith, spoke about the affects of specialty crops on Missouri's economy and how it is a growing sector of the agriculture, the number one industry in Missouri.

Later in the day, Ralph Cramer described the benefits of utilizing HayGrove high tunnels in farming, and then participants got to see those close up as they toured Fahrmeier Farms. To conclude the second Fahrmeier Field Day, Brandon and Bret Fahrmeier led those attending the field day on a tour of their farm.

The Fahrmeier Field Day attracted people from all over the state and even some from neighboring states. The Fahrmeiers are proud of their growth and want to share what they have learned with other producers so the specialty crop industry can grow and be successful.

The Fahrmeiers will be opening their winery soon and will be hosting Tomato Days on August 2, 2008. For more information, check out the Tomato Days blog at http://annualtomatodays.blogspot.com/ or call 816-289-2496.

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Love the way you promoto the farmers market and the lovely recipes. I will start visiting our local Farmes marke. Keep-up the good work.