Monday, April 7, 2008

Higher Prices at the Farmers' Market This Year

This morning I came across a story for the The Oregonican Online. The headline read: Portland Farmers Market opens with higher prices, which caught my attention. Feed costs will make goods more expensive this year, but most local farmers' market consumers will be happily to pay the higher price this year.

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The handwritten sign at Persephone Farm's booth was direct: "Sorry for the price increase," it read. "Feed prices are up 40 percent in one year."

That translated to $6 for a dozen of the Lebanon farm's popular eggs, up $1 from last season. The higher price didn't daunt shoppers on the opening day of the Portland Farmers Market, a drizzly, cold Saturday expected to draw thousands of customers. Sales moved right along as Persephone farmer and Reed College graduate Jeff Falen and his mom chatted with shoppers.

But it's another sign of a changing economy as fuel prices increase, demand for corn and soybeans intensifies and more people nationwide worry about a recession.

Last year, one vendor pulled out, saying gasoline was too expensive to drive in from Washington.

The market anticipates some impact this year from a languishing economy, but it still expects a 7 percent to 10 percent increase in sales, said market manager Jaret Foster. "I'm actually anticipating an increase in customer counts and spending," Foster says.

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