Thursday, April 10, 2008

Farhmeier Farms Visit

Bret and Brandon FahrmeierTravel is one of the “perks” of my job with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. From conferences to farm visit with producers around the state, my job is anything but typical.

Tuesday I spent the day in and around Lexington, as we are in the process of shooting farmers’ market videos for marketing local food to consumers. The video’s focus will be on educating how fresh produce gets from the field to the market.

I called on an old college friend to assist me and MU Agricultural Journalism student Katie Allen with filming the beginning stages of the video.

Bret Fahrmeier and his older brother Brandon are large produce growers right outside the Lexington area. Farhmeier Farms, is a family owned operation in which everyone in the family has their touch on some part of the business. The Farhmeier’s sell at the City Market and Overland Park Market, plus on the farm in two greenhouses. The family extends their growing season with starting the early part of their business with flowers and bedding plants and then move into large quantities of berries and vegetables under Haygrove Tunnels.

Haygrove Tunnels

Haygrove Tunnels (Pictured) are very easy to open for venting for temperature and humidity build-up. This provides significantly better venting than fixed vent permanent structures. Plus, a season extension of 3 weeks earlier using a combination of row cover (fleece) and tunnels, as well as autumn protection; secure production to late autumn, early winter depending on the time of the first severe frost. Raspberries are one of the quickest crops for payback with +30% additional class one yield versus outdoor production.

Fahrmeier Farms will be holding a Field Day at their farm on June 23. Check back for more information about the event. If you are interested in visiting the farm contact Brandon or Bret at or 330-701-3210.

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