Friday, March 28, 2008

Farmers’ Market Recognized for its Impact to Kansas City

Farmers’ Market Recognized for its Impact to Kansas City
The City Market Receives 2008 Market of the Year Award

During the recent Missouri Farmers’ Market Association Annual Meeting, the City Market, located in Kansas City, was named the 2008 Market of the Year. The City Market also received four of the seven Market of the Year Awards including Best Advertising Campaign, Best Photo and the 2008 Champion of the Year – awarded to someone who has a positive impact to a communities farmers’ market. This year’s Champion of the Year title went to Claude Page, development specialist of city planning and development for the City of Kansas City.

“Farmers’ markets continue to promote Missouri agriculture and provide fresh, local foods to communities and consumers across the state,” said Katie Smith, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. “I congratulate the City Market. The leaders at the market show a clear dedication to connecting local growers and small businesses with the Kansas City community. The City Market continues to be one of the largest farmers’ markets in the Midwest and brings together more than 590,000 people annually.”

The City Market, a cultural center representing diversity in Kansas City, reached a milestone in 2007celebrating 150 years. The year’s celebration was filled with events including the Berry Festival, Tomato Festival, Corn Festival, Melon Festival and Harvest Festival. The festivals attracted a record number of visitors and were designed to promote buying local, homegrown produce and healthy living. These efforts by City Market helped them to capture the 2008 Market of the Year award.

The City Market was awarded the Best Advertising Campaign for their creation of a consistent message promoting the market’s 150th Anniversary Celebration campaign. The Best Photo was awarded to City Market for a photograph taken by George Denniston, Jr., featuring large culturally diverse crowds enjoying the fresh local produce at the City Market.

The Missouri Market of the Year awards are sponsored by the Missouri Farmers’ Market Association and AgriMissouri™, a program of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

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